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This website is dedicated to providing information regarding leisure, fitness, social & sports clubs in Chester & Cheshire in the UK.

To assist visitors to this website seeking local clubs and centres in Chester & Cheshire, we have compiled these lists of clubs, organised into separate sections - (i) casinos and bingo clubs, (ii) fitness clubs and gyms; (iii) leisure centres (including bowling clubs), (iv) entertainment and night clubs; (v) social clubs and (vi) sports clubs.

Whilst every practical effort has been made for entries in the DCCC ® website listings to be accurate and comprehensive, Get On The Web Limited (the "Company") cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions of the entries for any establishments, or of the facilities or services provided by those establishments.

Please also see the important disclaimer page.

We apologise to any establishments if their listing is incorrect or omitted. We welcome updated information. Thank you. We hope you find this facility useful.

Get On The Web Limited will be extending the service of the DCCC ® website in the future by accepting advertising from companies involved with products and services related to activities covered by our website. Meanwhile, you may wish to submit your website for inclusion in our free Links section. Please use our online form. We reserve the right to determine which if any establishments are included within our Links and other sections.